We know that reliable healthcare transcends beyond what is obviously visible - like the location, the infrastructure and the ambience. It is far more than that. That is why at Jupiter Hospital we have brought together the best medical technology available, along with a team of doctors and support staff that live up to our patient's first commitment in words and in deeds.

Remote monitoring

Our best in class ICU beds have a Remote monitoring system, installed for the first time in India by Wipro General Electric. It enables our ICU doctors to monitor the patient in real time, even from their homes via our own network.

Swift Pathology

Any blood sample collected in any ward or unit within the hospital is transported directly to our pathology lab immediately through a 'Pneumatic Transport System' the first of its kind in India from Telecom, Netherland.

Infection control

To ensure smoother recovery of our patients, we give the highest priority to Infection Prevention. We have a best in class Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) within the hospital that ensures that all supplies and equipments used in the hospital are sterile. We have also partnered with one of the world's leading brand in the field of infection control, Getinge for our LTSF system.

Our Operation Theatres (OT) have a laminar airflow wherein the air cycle changes 55 times in an hour. The system filters up to 0.03 microns to ensure the air inside the OT is as pure as possible.

We also have an entire infection control team that makes and enforces stringent policies for infection control within the hospital.

Cancer care with a heart

We recognize that cancer affects not just the patient but also the entire family in many ways: emotionally, socially, physically, psychologically and economically. Therefore, as a special initiative Jupiter Hospital offers drugs of Chemotherapy at a hugely subsidized rate at times even over 50-60% discount is offered on cancer drugs to all cancer patients (Rich, poor, indoor, outdoor and even patients of other hospitals. No conditions apply.)

IGRT/IMRT for better cancer care

Our Radiation Oncology department has the best in class radiation equipment - Siemens Oncor Expression Linear Accelerator with 160 leaves MLC. We are also the first in Mumbai to have IGRT/IMRT (Image Guided RadiationTheraphy/Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy) that allows the radiation to concentrate more accurately on the tumour and minimizes the damage to the adjoining healthy areas.

High resolution in OT

We are Thane's first hospital to have Carl Zeiss OPMI Vario S/88 Neuro microscope for better viewing during neurosurgery. We also have state-of-the-art advanced laparoscopic equipment like High definition 3 chip camera for better resolution during surgery.

Best in class scanning

Our Magnetom Verio 3T MRI with 32 channels was Siemens 2nd installation in India. MagnetomVerio is unique combination of 3T and 70 cm Open Bore with TIM technology.