1) "I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful treatment and care you all showed to me following my wife's (Mrs. Save) recent treatment at your hospital.

Before I came into hospital for the cancer treatment, I was very nervous and daunted by the fear of the unknown but Doctors and Staffs were all so kind and reassuring, which took away a lot of my apprehension. Doctor's, Daycare Staff demonstrated their total commitment into caring for my wife during and after the treatment and also gave me the support and encouragement I needed to take during the rehabilitation which meant so much to me."

Mr. A. K. Save
Borivali, Mumbai

2) "Well organized, well planned hospital. Very sincere, well behaved and friendly staff. Jupiter hospital is one of the best hospitals in the world. Keep it up! God bless Jupiter hospital."
Mr. Mike & Mrs. Olanireti Aruna

3) "My visit to Jupiter hospital gave me a hope for the ailing humanity. All the tests conducted on me were excellently done with military dispatch. All the hospital staffs that attended to me were very courteous and one could see professional efficiency in display."

Mr. Joseph Igbinosa

4) "An integrity driven organization / hospital. Hospital environment is clean & neat. Staffs are dedicated and determined to ensure that all patients are satisfied. Please keep it up."

Mr Solomon Ewanehi

5) "The health check is indeed a comprehensive one, all areas covered very well. The international patient section performed excellently well with commitment and professionalism. The doctors performed their functions well. All the consultants are highly skilled and they all listened to us carefully. Good Job."

Mr. Oladele & Mrs. Toyin Lawore

6) "Frankly speaking the excellent services we received right from the reception to the various departments in the hospital. Guest Coordinator was superb and unparalleled. The structure and cleanliness of the entire hospital is wonderful. Excellence & excellence!! - I am not exaggerating but as an extrovert talking from the depth of my mind. Kindly keep this up and May God bless you all."

Mr & Mrs Godstime & Mary Egesimba

7)"It was an excellent experience. Attitude of staff, doctors found very helpful and understanding. Testing facilities are good and hygienic. Pleasing attitudes of staff is big advantage. Even food was very good and well organized"
Mr. C L Karunakaran

8)"Everything is nice, fine. We got very good care. Doctors, staff nurses including Housekeeping staff were very good. International Patient Department’s staffs were very good and hospitable. They took great care right from Airport pickup till Airport Drop."
Mrs. Lotfiah Saeed Alareqi

9)"I am very happy to come here for my medical check up. I would like to inform my friends that, this hospital is very good. I want to say thanks you from depth of my heart."
Mr . Ahmed Mohammed Aliyu

10)"I have been having a very chronic back pain about two years ago. I tried many hospitals. They just gave me pain relief medicines. I couldn’t sit on my own but one of my sister just took me to Embassy were we got our visas done.

I landed up at Jupiter hospital. I was really impressed the way the staff treated us. They took good care of me. After treatment and physiotherapy I didn’t feel the pain again. My sugar levels were in control. Thanks to all doctors that I met in Jupiter hospital, you are so great, God protect you all.

I can say that in this country, Jupiter hospital is number one!"
Mrs. Yusuf Kuburat

11)"I appreciate the concern and determination of all Jupiter hospital staff particularly, International Patient Coordinator Suchen who kept me company throughout my health check. All doctors, receptionists, LAB have been wonderful. I hope to visit the Jupiter hospital whenever I visit Mumbai. I had a wonderful experience… full Satisfaction!"
Mr. Saminu Jibrin

12)"The comprehensive health package was quite detailed enough and satisfactory. The Health Check Staff and doctors are very interesting to be with and they enjoy doing their job. The doctors are well experienced and take time to listen and give their professional advice. I would recommend my colleagues, friends and family members to visit your hospital for such services and possible treatment/surgery."
Mr. Isibor Priestley Elvis

13)"We are happy with the treatment given by the hospital, my father was brought for stroke treatment, so he was admitted in the hospital and all checks for this particular condition were done and accordingly treatment was started and was explained in detail to us about what we have to do once we go back to our country."
I really appreciate what they done to us and I want to say thanks a lot to International Patient Services team for their excellent work.
Mr. Salim Al Hosni

14)"I have come to conclude that Jupiter Hospital is uniquely and adequately equipped with better focus on excellent service delivery to the patient than any other hospitals. Jupiter hospital is indeed the gold standard in medico-tourism. I recommended this hospital to those who place premium value on their health."
Mr. Abiola Adebayo

15)"A user friendly facility with delightful attentive staff that not only look into welfare of each patient but go out of their way to accommodate me in a homely atmosphere. Congratulations for fascinating services and facility! I recommend this hospital to all future patients."
Mr. Ritish Shah

16)"I did Comprehensive Health Check in this hospital. It was well organized, step by step. The staff from this department was very supportive, friendly and co-operative. I am happy. The service was Excellent."
Mrs. Salome Muturi

17)"I saw number of doctors , regarding my health condition and I must say they were very straightforward and handled my case accordingly. They were very good and of expertise. I appreciate. The International Patient Administrator and coordinators helped me a lot and I am grateful. They were paramount help to my recovery."
Ms. Maureen Muturi

18)"Very good care and attention. Excellent staff with special thanks to International Patient Administrator and Coordinator for the wonderful service and friendly attitude. I will definitely recommend the hospital to friends. Thanks for everything."
Mr. Vishwanath Nene

19)"Being In Jupiter Hospital was an excellent experience to our family. The services and facilities along with competent staff made Jupiter Hospital better comparing to the rest of medical institutes. All family members would like to extend their thanks & regards to Jupiter Team. Please keep up good work."
Mr. Masoud Matar Al - Hinai

20)"Excellent services all the way from the airport pickup to the hotel, hospital till drop to airport. Doctors are really senior as mentioned; they are skilled, calm, conversant, good mannered, available, which make a patient confident when expressing him or herself."
Mrs. Candide Mukamazimpaka & Mrs. Yvette Ruboneka

21)"A good experience for having been to Jupiter Hospital for me and my wife’s health check along with my Saudi friend. The amenities are excellent. The staff is experienced, well trained and excellent, especially Coordinator who accompanied and followed up from start to end of my check up."
Mr. Abdull Wahid Ali

22)"I have a free understanding of my health needs as the doctors have explained to me. My medical check up has been very smooth as I had coordinator who took me through every sector of my test. The staffs have been fantastic and well trained."
Mr. Joe Mensah

23)"All the staff is kind, efficient and prompt to patients needs, very patient and serve with a lot of humanity. Their devotion can only be portrayed in God’s call in our day to day duties, a call of God’s command "Love one another’, Keep up the good work."
Mrs. Mwaniki Theresa Wangui

24)"This is my first visit in India. I am very much impressed with the huge medical facility you have provided for the Thane people and International visitors. I am also impressed with your staff as they are head over heels with their job.

I wish to comment, Ms Manisha Shah for her proficiency and outgoing attitude. This quality influenced our stay positively as it made our activities at all levels of interaction easy."
Mr. Akabike Bona

25)"No words to convey how well we have been taken care and treated with Excellency. All has been well by all means. The team for the International Patients has been great to us. Very courteous, very efficient and very helpful"
Mrs. Faith Kinuye

26)"Very clean hospital, services are very good and staff is friendly and punctual. The doctors are very good and professional.
The food is good and served on time
The staffs managing the foreign patients are very good and they helped us a great deal."
Ms. Flora Maina

27)"The International Patient department is very warm and friendly which put us at ease and made us feel very welcome. The attention to detail and coordination of all the services is much appreciated. No time is lost and is well organized and very well coordinated. The caring nature of all is very visible."
Mr. Philip & Anna Arungah

28)"…I experienced a treatment regime where excellence seems to be the watchword. Indices of improvement are exhibited everywhere…many thanks to Manhsia who facilitated the Visa letter and Ujwala who coordinated…"
Akabike Bona Chuba

29)"…It was an extremely wonderful experience…excellent consultancy and services…please keep up the good work…I suggest providing wi-fi in the hospitals and the rooms"
Abdulla Mattar Al-Foori

30)"Service was of world class standards. All sisters and brothers took the best care of me...I had different apprehensions about hospitals but you all have proved that hospitals can be made better than home..."
Mr. Mani Iyer