How do I register as a patient at Jupiter Hospital?

You can register yourself directly at the admission counter.

Q. Is cashless facility for insurance patients available?


Q. Where should I complain in case of any grievance?

At our Customer Support Department

Q. What are the modalities of payment that are accepted?

Payment is accepted through Cash/Credit Cards/Debit cards/D.D./E.C.S.

  • We accept all types of Credit & Debit cards
  • Demand Draft to be made in favour of "Jupiter LifeLine Hospitals Ltd." Payable at Thane
  • We do not accept Personal Cheques

Q. Do you provide ambulance services?


OPD (Outpatients)

Q. How do I get registered myself for OPD services?

There are two ways:

  1. Call our Board Line at 022 2172 5555 and ask for the call to be transferred to the respective O.P.D. for details about the doctors, timings and appointments.
  2. Call the O.P.D. directly for details and appointments.

Q. What are the OPD timings?

9.00 am to 9.00 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Q. How do I get an appointment for consultation or health check up?

Please call our Health Check Up direct line 022 2172 5547.

Q. Who are the doctors available at Jupiter Hospital?

We have highly specialised full time consultants and visiting consultants tending to your well-being at Jupiter Hospital. You can select the consultant as per your choice. To view the entire list, please click here

Q. Do I need to make a request for an appointment?

Yes. It is always better to come with the prior appointment to avoid any inconvenience.

Q. Are there any registration fees? What are the consultation charges of the doctors?

The registration charge is Rupees 100/-. The consultation fees vary according to the specialty doctors.

Q. What are the follow-up charges?

Follow-up charges are according to the specialty and are valid for 2 months. After 2 months there will be fresh consultation charges.


You will be provided with a unique Medical Record Number. It will be for lifetime of the individual.
Once you are registered, please provide the same for every appointment or service utilisation.

Q. On consultation if I am advised any investigation, do I need to pay again, to show the reports?

Generally, there are no charges if you wish to show your reports within a week's time. But finally it is the consultant's discretion.

Q. If I want to consult the doctor on the basis of reports without the physical presence of the patient, do I need to pay the charges?

We recommend the presence of patient all the time as we can provide you the accurate diagnosis and further treatment plan on physical evaluation only. But in exceptional cases, when the patient is away, you can get a preliminary opinion and advice. Consultation fees will be charged as per the norms.

Admitted (In-patients)

Q. What are pre-admission policies?

  • Our customer support executives would be pleased to assist you with information about bed categories and tariff structures, which will help you make an informed choice of the 'Bed category'.
  • Confirmed booking for your desired bed category in advance would not be possible. We would try our best to give you a priority but it is subject to availability on the day of the admission.

Q. What should I remember during the time of admission?

  • If possible, the patient should be accompanied by 2 friends/relatives for quicker admission
  • Ensure that you follow all the instructions given by your consultant
  • Carry all your previous medical reports and the list of your prescribed medication
  • Carry the required deposit amount

Q. What are admission policies?

  • Admission to the chosen bed category would be subject to availability of the bed at the time of admission.
  • Visit charges, procedure / surgery charges, investigation charges and all the packages would vary as per the 'Bed category'.
  • For any up-gradation after the procedure, charges would be as per the upgraded category with retrospective effect.
  • Patient's shifting from ICU to ward or shifting from Ward to ICU, would entirely be subject to patient's medical condition and fitness for transfer-in/ transfer-out, which is to be certified by the Admitting Consultant and Intensivist.
  • In case of a direct admission or transfer-in from wards, all procedures / investigations while patient is in ICU would be billed as per the Super Deluxe / ICU bed category only. Only after transferring out, as per the chosen and available bed category billing would vary.
  • For transferring out from ICU to ward, amount billed till ICU stay has to be cleared at Customer Support.
  • If any patient requires isolation based on the medical condition, as advised by the Admitting Consultant, patient will be shifted in an isolation room and charges of the same would be levied accordingly.
  • Admission deposit amount would vary as per the 'Bed category', which is to be paid at the time of admission only.
  • In an emergency, you can get admitted to the hospital any time. Any admission directly to the ICU is taken in Deluxe Class only.
Admission Deposit Amount for different Bed Categories:

ICU Admission
Bed Charges Rs. 50,000
Ward Admissions
Standard [Multi-bed] Rs. 20,000
Deluxe [Twin Sharing] Rs. 25,000
Super Deluxe [Twin-cum-Single] Rs. 30,000
Suite [Single Occupancy] Rs. 50,000
Executive Suite Rs. 60,000

  • Interim bill is given to every patient on daily basis. At any point of time, ICU patient should have Rs. 25,000 and ward patient should have Rs. 10,000, deposited with the Hospital, in addition to the billed amount till then.
  • Mode of Payment: Only by Cash / Credit / Debit Cards and Demand Drafts – to be drawn in favor of 'Jupiter Lifeline Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.'
  • If the admission is for a planned surgery / procedure, entire amount of surgery / procedure charges are required to be deposited at the time of admission, in addition to the Admission Deposit amount for the chosen bed category.
  • If surgery / procedure is scheduled for any admitted patient, estimated charges for the same should be deposited on/ before the previous evening of the surgery.
  • Please note that non-payment of the deposit of surgery amount / procedure amount 24 hours prior to surgery, may delay the clearance for the surgery and would also result in inconvenience to all concerned.
  • For knowing the tentative expenditure during your hospitalization, kindly contact the Customer Support department. However, we would request you to give them a minimum of half an hour to process the information and give you the estimate.
  • Please understand that, the estimated amount is based on patient's medical condition, standard length of bed stay in the specified bed category, average requirement of investigations, and medicines/ consumables estimated. However, based on the patient's medical condition, if any of the above factors vary, estimate given would not be held as valid.
  • Estimate is not the actual amount of expenses; it helps only to get a tentative idea of expenses required for the procedure / surgery in an average condition. Actual expenses would vary as per the medical condition of the patient, medicines, consumables, stay required, and investigations recommended etc. Payment of the bill is required to be made as per the actual.
  • Check-in / check-out time is 12 noon. For any reason, if it extends beyond that, next day's bed charges would be levied in the bill.
  • We have a 24 hours Pharmacy with all required medicines. During the hospitalization, it is required to use all the drugs / medicines/ Consumables from in-house Pharmacy only. Outside medicines / drugs and consumables are not allowed.

Q. What are hospitalisation norms?

Every patient would be given ONE Attendant Pass. Attendant Pass would entitle One Attendant with the patient for 24 hours during the stay.

  • One relative of every ICU patient would be entitled for one bed in the dormitory. Blanket and bed sheet would be provided by the Hospital for nights. No personal bedding / linen would be allowed.
  • Once the patient is transferred from Ward to the ICU, bed in the ward has to be vacated. If a patient/ relative requests for retention of the room and if the bed is available, retention charges would be levied. However if there is a bed shortage for the new admission / transfer-in, bed retention would not be possible and retained bed to be released.
  • Patient has to wear Hospital clothes while in the Hospital and only after completion of discharge formalities patient can change in his/her own clothes.
  • Food is served from the in-house kitchen which is operated by - Welcome Group of Five Star hotels. Dietician after assessing the medical condition of each patient gives customized diet requirements to the in-house kitchen. Every patient is served food as per the recommendations of the Dietician. We would appreciate patients to have in-house food only. However based on dietician / consultant's recommendation, food pass can be issued to get home food.
  • Suite class patient's one attendant is given a complimentary Breakfast coupon, which can be availed in Rainbow restaurant of Fortune hotel.
  • Executive Suite class patient's one attendant is also entitled for a complimentary dinner coupon in Fortune Deli in addition to the complimentary breakfast in Rainbow.
  • We request you not to keep any valuables during your hospitalization. Safety of your valuables / cash / or belonging would entirely be your responsibility.
  • For any grievances / complaints, you can contact the floor manager or you can also give your complaints in writing to the executive on floor. At the time of discharge your written feedback is taken by the floor executive and you are communicated of the corrective measures taken.

Q. What are Discharge Policy?

  • Once your admitting consultant writes in the 'In-patient Records' that the patient is physically fit to get a discharge, assigned staff nurse would start the discharge formalities.
  • Medicines, consumables, indented for you but not used and are packed ones, would be returned to the Pharmacy / Store. Pharmacy / Store would verify issue numbers and receipt numbers with their record of those medicines / consumables. After verification, the due amount would be adjusted in your final bill. Please note that open strips, unpacked medicines, or open vials of injections would not be accepted for 'returns'.
  • Nurse would request relatives to go in the Customer Support department to complete discharge formalities and clearance of the bill.
  • Attendant's pass and food pass have to be returned at the time of the discharge to the respective Nursing Station. Discharge formality could get delayed if the passes are not submitted in time.
  • After completion of the discharge formalities and complete settlement of your bill, Customer Support Executive would give you a stamp of 'PAID BILL' on your final bill with their signature, and settlement receipt would be given to you. Kindly clear your bills on daily basis to avoid delays in discharge.
  • After showing the 'Paid Bill' stamp on your final bill and Settlement Receipt, Ward Clerk / Nurse would hand over File of Investigation reports and Discharge summary. Resident Medical Officer would explain you the do's and don'ts after discharge with medicines, as per the advice of your Admitting Consultant as written in the Discharge summary.
  • Please note that in case you wish to shift the patient to other hospital or home on your wish and against the advice of the Admitting Consultant, 'Discharge against Medical Advice' declaration has to be signed by you. Hospital would not be responsible for any consequences thereinafter.
  • Return of medicines / consumables after the discharge is not possible.

Q. What are Refund Policy?

All refunds are given only by Cheques during 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. on all working days.

Visiting Hours

What are the Visiting Hours?

  • Wards: 12 noon to 1 pm and 5 pm to 7 pm.
  • ICUs: 11 am to 12 noon and 5 pm to 7 pm.
    ICU patient's relatives can see their patient between 11 pm to 11:30 pm. and 8 am to 8:30 am in addition to routine visiting hours- but not more than ONE relative per visiting hours would be allowed in ICUs.
  • NICU / PICU – Mother would be allowed as and when necessary. Father or any close relative could visit the patient twice a day. It would help children to keep away from outside infections.
  • Children below 6 years are not allowed as 'Visitors' in wards and in ICU below 12 years are not allowed.
  • While in the Hospital we request you to keep mobiles on Silent / Vibrator mode.
  • We request you to have only one visitor at a time during visiting hours in ICUs.
  • Also noise / Mobiles / Cameras are strictly prohibited in any of the ICUs. Also on the floor please avoid talking on mobiles while you are in the patient rooms.
  • Television in twin sharing to be switched off after 10 pm preferably as it might cause disturbance to the accompanying patient.

Policies for Admission, Billing, Discharge and Refund are applicable for 'Cash Patients' only. For TPA Admissions- Kindly refer to the 'TPA Brochure'.