Jupiter Hospital is home to one of the few gait analysis laboratory in the country that specializes in therapy treatment strategies for patients with orthopaedic or neuromuscular conditions. The purpose of the gait laboratory is to conduct biomechanical assessment of walking disorders and difficulties for the sole purpose of achieving improved clinical treatment planning and outcomes.


What is Gait Analysis?

Mere observation and radiographs are inadequate to assess the subtle dynamic movements during walking. More comprehensive detail information is needed to prescribe effective clinical treatment. Jupiter Gait Lab uses sophisticated camera and computer technology to run reports that monitor skeletal alignment and forces acting on the body during walking.  The motion capture technology lets the clinician evaluate motion from a distance without interference from sensors, as it is a non-invasive procedure.

How does it work?

Cameras: High-Speed cameras are used to capture subtle changes within the gait pattern of the person. Our Human eye can capture at a speed of approximately 12 Hz, therefore with the use of high speed cameras is 25 times faster. These high speed cameras can record up-to a frequency of 200 Hz. The camera system tracks motion in three dimensional spaces and calculates joint angles and forces.


Jupiter Gait Lab is currently using Qualisys Tracking Manager Software and boasts of 8 high speed cameras that can record upto 200 Hz.

Screening/ Testing Procedure:

By means of high speed video cameras and markers attached to the patient, angles at the ankle, knee, hip or upper part of the body are recorded during walking. Your child will be made to walk on a designated path in the lab. Force- plates sub-embedded in the floor of the walkway will calculate the forces acting on the body and also the moment produced by the muscle groups.  all signals are synchronised to let the clinician assess, instant by instant how the patient is moving his joints and distributing the load across the walking surface.


How long will it take?

The screening usually takes 45 mins-1 hour.  A short video and 3D view will be generated for you to have a sneak peak of walking pattern, although an in-depth analysis report will be available after a week.

How does it help?

The In-depth report will include graphical display of the angles of the foot, knee, hip and pelvis as compared to standard values. The report will also include the forces acting on the body as compared to normal values during walking.  This tool provides the doctor with quantitative data for walking related problems, load abnormalities by simple objective examination and video recording, letting the clinician see the motion minutely instant by instant.

Before treatment, a complete 3D gait analysis helps the doctor in deciding type of therapy, type of orthosis and intervention (botulinum toxin / surgery)

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