A woman plays many roles in her life. A cheerful daughter, a loving wife and a doting mother. As she undergoes different roles of womanhood, she needs different levels of care for reproductive organs. Our Gynaecology and obstetrics supports her - from her first period to post-menopause. 



Our team of Gynaecs provides medical and surgical care for the female reproduction organs in the non-pregnant stage. This includes issues during early as well as adolescent years, menstruation troubles, contraception and family planning, dealing with menopause as well as urinary incontinence and prolapse of the pelvic organs and tumours of uterus and ovaries.



Obstetricians provide medical and surgical care for the female and her child during pregnancy, childbirth and post natal. At Jupiter Hospital, we have specialists who handhold the would-be mother during her pregnancy stages. They are also well experienced in performing caesarean and high risk surgeries to make the childbirth safe. 

Fertility and IVF

We have a separate department for infertility treatment. Please click here for more details

Birthing Suites

We believe that giving birth to a child is a wonderful experience during which the mother should have the maximum possible comfort. We are all set to start our exclusive premium birthing suites in a separate wing, designed to deliver a hotel-like experience to the soon-to-be mother, and backed by all the facilities of the hospital. visit image gallery

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