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Baby Bonding


Preparing for Lactation and Breast Care

Our Lactation expert would discuss the different aspects and advantages of breastfeeding for babies and the mothers. 

You would learn the scientific need for exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months. These sessions would concentrate on techniques for initiation and long term breast feeding, different feeding positions, common problems faced and their solutions and busting myths.


Comfort measures during labour



Jupiter Hospital Birthing Suites bring to the patient an entire range of services to enhance the experience of conception and birthing.

Our antenatal program focuses on the key areas and aspects therein which make this journey and transition into being a Mother, a memorable one.

The program engages women in trimester wise informative and interactive sessions.


  1. General pregnancy info and Ergonomics and Nursing care    
  2. Diet and Nutrition for second trimester
  3. Getting fitter during pregnancy
    • Frequency and intensity of the exercise
    • Tips on coming out of sedentary lifestyle
  4. Ergonomic care and postures
    • Changes in your body
    • Common aches and pains
    • Good core strength
  5. Baby bonding



  1.  Diet and Nutrition
  2. Exercises
    • Staying active during late pregnancy
      • Cardiovascular fitness
      • Bladder and bowel dysfunction
      • Back pain
    • Preparing for labour
      • Breathing techniques
      • Positions for labor
      • Relaxation
  3. Breastfeeding
  4. Labour management and Postpartum
  5. New born care

Newborn care third trimester

This session is a must for all new parents. A program which takes you on an exciting journey in understanding your baby, common new born concerns, holding and taking care of your baby.

Here the basic concepts of cloth diapering, baby massage and baby bath are demystified. Learning how to give Kangaroo mother care (KMC).

Pediatric visits, vaccinations and baby shopping lists round off the session.

Nutrition for Expectant Mothers


Types of Suites Available

Physical Therapy during Pregnancy


Type of Packages