We have an experienced team of transplant surgeons and hi-tech operation theatres wherein a failing or damaged organ in a patient's body is removed and replaced with a functioning one retrieved from either a living donor or a cadaver.

Our kidney transplant and liver transplant programmes are delivering excellent results for our patients. For both these transplants, the donor can be a living person or someone who has recently deceased and their family has given permission to donate their organs.

We have excellent acumen in all the three major processes involved in organ transplantation, including surgery and post-surgery recovery.


Liver Transplant

For liver transplant, we work with clockwork precision with an interstate transplantation team under the aegis of Jupiter Medanta Liver Transplant Clinic. Here, Jupiter Hospital (Mumbai) and Medanta (Delhi) work together for the liver transplantation procedures. 


An expert surgical team, headed by Dr. A S Soin from Medanta, performs the transplantation along with pre and post operative care. Our department has a vast experience in hepatobiliary surgeries (liver, pancreas, gall bladder and the biliary). We have senior Hepatologists (Liver Specialists) who take care of liver related problems. Only after all normal means of treatments are exhausted, a liver transplant is recommended.

Surgery of the liver - in both the donor and the recipient - is a complex and highly specialized procedure undertaken by our liver transplant team using state-of-the-art infrastructure.

  • Liver Transplantation for patients with liver failure
  • Living donor and Deceased donor (Cadaveric) Liver transplant
  • Complex Pancreatobiliary Surgery, Liver Resections and Surgery for portal hypertension
  • Facilities for post operative care and follow up of liver transplant patients
  • Tie-up with the country's largest and the world's second largest (live donor) liver transplant program.
  • Demylation
  • Unique 21-point liver donor safety protocol.


Renal (Kidney) Transplant

Jupiter Hospital Renal Transplant Programme is one of the best-equipped and most successful renal transplant and dialysis programme in the region. We take a multidisciplinary approach for the management of these patients. 

Our transplant surgeons and nephrologists are supported by a team of cardiologists, endocrinologists, anaesthetists, diagnostic services, psychologist and dieticians who work closely with patients and ensure the highest level of care and service to them with information before, during and after Renal Transplant Surgery.

Facilities and Expertise available

  • Renal transplantation - Living Donor and Cadaveric
  • Laparoscopic / Open live donor Nephrectomy
  • Vascular Access procedures for Haemodialysis
  • Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis.

Types of Donors

Living Donors

  • Kidney / Liver can be donated by a closely related family member, spouse or a friend (Generally, friends cannot be donors unless there is an exceptional situation) who is compatible and willing to donate, as long as the donor is approved by the Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee. The Jupiter Hospital Team thoroughly evaluates and accepts a healthy donor to optimally match the recipient.
  • As per Indian Transplant Law, a person below 18 years of age (minor) cannot be considered as a donor. The medical suitability of the donor is the most important. Approval of the authorization committee, appointed by the government, is mandatory to undergo transplant surgery.

Deceased Donors

  • Persons who have suffered brain death and family members have consented to donate their organs.
  • Jupiter Hospital has the facilities and technical expertise for cadaveric multi-organ procurement and transplantation.


  • Transplants can be carried out only after an array of compatibility tests between the patient and the donor - this is called Histopathology and Immunology Testing
  • We are equipped with all the latest technology to do such immunological tests for transplantation.
  • We have trained pathologists to provide support for the accurate diagnosis of rejection and renal pathology.
  • Histopathology with specialised stains for Immuno Fluorescene and Immunochemistry
  • HLA and cross matching
  • C4d Antibodies staining
  • Monitoring drug levels after transplant

Transplant coordinator

A transplant coordinator / social worker is an individual who facilitates the process of organ donation and transplantation. This unbiased professional works closely during the retrieval process with the donor's family and the medical staff - this includes explaining the process, addressing any moral, philosophical or religious doubts, primary counselling, overseeing the formalities and more.

Authorization / Ethics Committee

  • It is a committee of several members appointed by the government for scrutinizing all the living donors and recipients to give the approval for surgery.
  • No organ transplant can be performed without prior approval of the authorization committee.
  • The objective of the committee is to ensure that living donor transplants are performed as per Transplantation of Human Organs Act and Rules 1994 and subsequent amendments made there under


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The provided information is basic and elemental for patient familiarisation only. This information is not a substitute for medical advice.

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