Pharmacology is a science that takes care of the patient's well-being from behind the scenes in the hospital. Pharmacology is not synonymous with pharmacy. It is a biomedical science and the study of drugs, of the reactions of the body and drug on each other.

Pharmacy, on the other hand, is the application of the pharmacology principles in clinical settings. Department of Clinical Pharmacology is the branch of Pharmacology that works to optimise the use of medicines to promote health, wellness and disease prevention. 


Role of Clinical Pharmacology Department at Jupiter Hospital

  1. Monitor the usage of antibiotic in the hospital to ensure the wellbeing of all patients.
  2. Detect, record and report any adverse drug reactions.
  3. Review patient records and check prescriptions to identify if any drug related issues could occur depending on patients or interaction of different drugs and use a logical approach to prevent, resolve or minimize the impact of the identified problems.
  4. Audit the prescription from patient's case file to check if the medicines of individual patients are appropriate, safe and effective and give recommendation to doctors on how to resolve or minimize any drug related problems.
  5. Co-relate Serum Creatinine levels in patients who are getting Nephrotoxic Drugs and give advice on desirable dosage and adjustments, based on tests and investigations.
  6. Train Pharmacistsand Nurses about usage of medicines, share findings and recommendations with other colleagues, and teach them about High Alert Medication, Cold storage products, Medication Error, etc.
  7. Identify and separate LASA drugs - the drugs or brands that Look Alike & Sound Alike - so that they do not pose any problem when administering to the patient.
  8. Answer queries about Pharmacokinetics and collaborate with the medical team to prepare / revise medication treatment protocols and guidelines as and when needed.

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The provided information is basic and elemental for patient familiarisation only. This information is not a substitute for medical advice.