The department of physiotherapy and rehabilitation at Jupiter Hospital offers a full range of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to ensure the overall well-being of the patients.



Prehabilitation before any joint replacements surgeries, bypass surgeries, organ transplant surgeries, etc., helps in a better outcome post surgery. Let us show you how. 


  • Our physiotherapy team and department are well equipped with the latest machines required for managing pain and offer a wide choice of exercise options.
  • We are well-trained in managing patients who have undergone major knee, hip, shoulder, and spine surgeries, to restore and enhance their quality of life.
  • Our 1000 sq ft of Physiotherapy OPD area is well equipped with state of the art physiotherapy and electrotherapy equipments.
  • We offer Pain management for all orthopaedic conditions
  • We have exercise therapy equipments for Neuro-rehabilitation, Ortho Rehab, Paediatric therapy and Cardiac rehabilitation.
  • Paediatric Physiotherapy
  • Paediatric Occupational Therapy
  • Cognitive Therapy

Back School

Chronic Back & Neck Pain can be severe enough to disrupt our normal life and affect our studies, work, business and even earnings. Jupiter Hospital has introduced a unique concept of 'Back School'. This is a 4-hour classroom-type coaching for small groups of patients. Here, our specialists use audio-visual media and presentations to show you how to prevent the recurrence and how to manage back pain. This easy-to-understand interaction in English or Marathi enables patients of all ages to understand their backs better. Contact us for enrollments. 

Active Life

Active Knee

If your knees hurt while climbing up or down stairs, our Active Knee programme can show you how to make life comfortable with Proprioceptive (balance) training, Gait training, Developing muscle control and taking Active care of your knees

Active Shoulder

Do you experience pain in your shoulder while opening the door or while combing your hair or lifting a bag? Find how Active Shoulder rehabilitation can alleviate your pain through simple exercises, posture correction, strengthening your muscles and Active solutions.

Active Footsteps

Do you twist your ankle frequently? Do you know that proper foot alignment is similar to wheel balance of your car? Let our Active Footsteps programme show you how to walk better.

Active Spine

Have you spent the last six months changing your mattress or pillow and still have not got rid of your pain? Find out how to take care of your spine with simple exercises, ergonomic and self management of your pain.

Active Mother

Are you worried about how active you should be during pregnancy or about problems post-pregnancy like incontinence, varicose veins, oedema, etc.? Let our Active Mother programme show you how to overcome back pain and other aches during pregnancy by postural correction & training, abdomen & pelvic muscle strengthening and simple exercises to keep you active.

Active Senior

Do you think that your age is coming in the way of your active life? Do slippery floorings give you a fear of falling? Let our Active Senior programme show you how to strengthen your muscles, prevent falling and improving your balance.

Other Rehabilitations

  • Active Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Active Child
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Accelerated Rehabilitation
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Hands-on Rehabilitation
  • Zero Machine Rehabilitation
  • Cancer Rehabilitation

Contact Us

Physiotherapy Department: Tel: 022 2172 5555, Extn: 1026, 1027

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