The Plastic surgery department at Jupiter Hospital is a center of excellence providing advanced tertiary care facilities in all disciplines of the specialty. The department has dedicated qualified full time professionals working round the clock to provide emergency as well as elective cosmetic surgery services. The range of services spans Cosmetic surgery, Reconstructive Microsurgery, Hand and Peripheral nerve surgeries, Onco-reconstruction, and General Plastic surgery


Introduction to Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic surgery is an important branch of plastic surgery that improves and complements a person’s natural beauty. In the present day, having a beautiful body and a glowing face adds to a person’s self confidence, presentability and self image. It covers the following aspects:

1) Body contouring surgery:

a) Liposuction (abdomen, arms, thighs etc) (minimal invasive fat removal)

b) Tummy tuck (surgical correction of excessive fat with laxity around waist)

2) Breast Aesthetics

a) Breast Augmentation with Implants or own body fat

b) Breast Reduction in patients with excessively large breasts

c) Breast Lift techniques in patients with drooping or sagging breasts

3) Facial Rejuvenation:

a) Hair transplantation for baldness (scarless technique)

b) Facial rejuvenation with artificial and natural fillers

c) Minimal invasive face lift techniques

d) Laser Assisted facial anti aging techniques

e) Nose deformity corrections (Rhinoplasty)

f) Lip Augmentation with Fillers

g) Baggy lower eyelids correction (blepharoplasty)

h) Dimple Creation

4) Female and Male Genital Rejuvenation:

a) Hymenoplasty (Revirginisation)

b) Labiaplasty and Vaginal Tightening

c) Penile Reconstruction


Cosmetic Procedures

This is a precise science in the shaping of body contours to the desired form. In liposuction adequate fat is removed from areas in question within safely acceptable limits to achieve the desired cosmetic result. Fat is removed with the help of specially designed instruments to reduce tissue injury at the same time to produce an optimum result. The openings in the skin required to insert these instruments are keyhole sized and in hidden parts of the body, permitting a quick return to routine work. Commonly treated areas include: Abdomen, thighs, flanks (love handles), buttocks, neck and arms

Tummy Tuck ( Abdominoplasty)
With aging our tissues lose their natural elasticity to bounce back to shape after any surgery.  Loss of abdominal wall tone makes all fitness and exercise regimes futile in regaining a flat tummy. This procedure is specially recommended for those who have a  sagging or protruding midadbomen and waist area. The excessive sagging tissues are removed and reshaped to give a flatter aesthetically pleasing appearance to the abdomen.

Breast Enlargement (Augmentation)
This is a day care procedure where a suitable sized silicone implant is inserted beneath the existing breast tissue to give a  desired size, shape and feel.

Breast Reduction
Large sized breasts can occasionally be a cause of social embarrassment as well as a cause for neck aches, back pain and skin infections. Breasts can be reshaped reducing them to acceptable sizes with minimally scarring procedures

Breast Lifting (Mastopexy)
With normal aging process the breasts can assume a position lower than normal. This sagging can be corrected to achieve normal position and shape by minimally scarring breast lifts

Face Lift
Restores a younger and rejuvenated look to the aging face. This procedure combined with autologous fat grafting or fat fillers can melt years away from your face and give you a youthful glow.

Hair Restoration
One of the commonest cosmetic procedure performed nowadays with predictable results. Hair restoration is being done by the scarless FUE techniques after a careful pre-evaluation  and counselling session by our cosmetic surgeon. The surgery is performed with minimal discomfort under local anesthesia and the patient can go home soon after the procedure and get back to work with a very short downtime.

Hymenoplasty: (Revirginization)
Among other female genital rejuvenation procedures like labiaplasty and monsplasty we also undertake repair of the torn hymen to restore it to the state that it was before intercourse.

Reconstructive surgery
This deals with complex problems like:

1. Correction of congenital deformities (cleft lip and palate, vascular tumors)

2. Reconstruction of tissues after removal for cancer (mouth and breast)

3. Management of complex trauma with injury to blood vessels and nerves(face, upper and lower limbs)

4. Reattachment of amputated fingers, hand, lower limb, penis etc

5. Management of difficult wounds (diabetic ulcer, venous ulcer etc.)

6. Advanced wound therapy (negative pressure wound therapy)

7. Scar Management – improvement in bad looking scars 

Awareness about these procedures is easily obtained by consulting a qualified and trained plastic surgeon who gives hope and a realistic approach to the patient’s expectations.


Plastic Surgery

Sometimes, accidents, injuries, diseases or congenital defects can leave behind scars, disfigurement, or wounds that cause a lot of emotional stress. This is where plastic surgery comes to the rescue. It helps the patients regain their self-confidence and face the world with a more positive outlook. Our team of plastic surgeons can make this happen. 

Cancer surgery
Cancers of the mouth, the eye, the skin and the breast usually leave the body disfigured. Plastic surgeons can use skin grafting, prosthesis or other procedures to help the patient look better.

Skin grafting
This is a procedure where skin from one part of the body is grafted to another part of the body that has lost or has disfigured its skin. Usually the skin from back, thigh or hips is used as graft on regions like face, head or neck. 

Wound closure
Sometimes a wound is so large that the body is unable to repair it quickly. The open wound is susceptible to infections and further degeneration if left untreated. In such cases, plastic surgery is performed to close the wounds. 

When a part of the body has to be amputated (cut off) due to cancer, accident, gangrene or any other reason, plastic surgery is used to treat the amputation areas.


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