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62 Years old's son grateful for father's new life


Prasad Bangera(named changed) has a radiant smile on his face... View More

Ex-mayor donates brain-dead daughter's organ


Mumbai: Leading by example former mayor Nirmala... View More

Thane hospital tops chart in liver transplant operations


A city-based hospital has performed five of the six cadaveric liver transplants in Greater Mumbai this year. View More

Brain-dead boy this year's seventh organ donor in Mumbai


A six-year-old boy suffering from cerebral palsy became this year's seventh organ donor in the city on Sunday. View More

9-yr-old dies after minor surgery, kin allege negligence


The boy's parents, even in their saddest hour, chose to donate his organs, giving five people a new lease of life View More

Dengue to stay a little longer: Docs


The deadly dengue virus is still in the air and it is showing no signs of vanishing until Mumbai's Humidity gives way to winter... View More

"Women as prone to heart ailments as men"


Contrary to the perception that men are more probe to heart ailments than women, a three year study by Nanavati Hospital, Vile Parle... View More

Chembur man gets lease of life in Maha's forst inter-city transplant


update soon... View More

Kodn mahdant mahilana hrdya nasat?


Mahilana hrdya nasat asa vinodane mhantala jaata. Mahilapeksha purshana hridayavikaracha tras udbhavnyachi shakyata jast aste asa samaj ahey... View More

Muline dile vadilana jiwandaan, jeev vaachavdyaasaathi dila yakratacha bhag


Gharatil kamavti vyakti yakrutachya ajarane trast..varshabhar hospitalchya khepa marlyanantar yakrut pratyaropan hach antim paryay he kalun chukle... View More

Diwali par saavdhaan rahe saans ke mareez


Is Diwali main sans ke marij savdhan rahe, kyoki patakho ke pradushan se aise marij jyada prabhavit hote hai. View More

Walking barefoot gave Thane man worms in the Tummy


Google 'benefits of walking barefoot' and you'll have enough material to last a month
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Breast cancer catches 'em Young


One in every 3,000 women in Mumbai are afflicted with the dreaded disease, but many of them don't go for check-ups View More

Sharir ke sab part the ulti dishaa mein


61 varshiya Yamuna Churi dekhne main bilkul samanya insane ki tarah hai lekin kuch samay pehle unhe heart attack... View More

Mumbaichiya aarogyala October heetchi aach


Dengusah saathichya aajarant vaad- October mahina suru hotach Mumbai tapu lagli and dengue... View More

'Jupiter' Madhye guntaguntichi aanjioplasti


Samanyatah masache avyav davya ani ujvya bajula astat, pan kotit ekhadi vyakti ashi aste, ki tiche avayav ulatsulat... View More

Now US FDA Approved stent for diabetics in INDIA


Diabetes is a growing lifestyle disease in India. Currently over 370 million people suffer from diabetes across the globe, which is expected to exceed 550 million... View More

October Heat Increasing cases of Viral fever


As October heat begins, the city is seeing a rise in cases of viral fever, say doctors. "We are seeing several cases of viral fever because of the October heat." View More

Hridyaat saapadla ragbichya aakaarachya fuga


Thandiyat pratham endo vhascular string surgery: Aaj Jagtik hridaya din, hridayachi kalji ghene nehmiche garjeche ahey... View More

Rare 'Situs Inversus' surgery Conducted on high-risk patient


Dr. Vijay Surase, interventional cardiologist from Jupiter Hospital, Treated Yamuna Churi, A 61 year-old woman... View More

Rose Day - The fight against cancer


SURESH KA HAMLA: On occasion of World Cancer Da organised at Jupiter hospital to create awareness.... View More